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Juzz Amma: Your child's first Quran reading experience

Juzz Amma: Your child's first Quran reading experience

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Juz Amma by Learning Roots makes Quran learning fun, inviting, and easy. It reads out pages and plays games so children can learn independently, build their confidence and have fun while learning too. It speeds up reading progress and memorization by visualizing results and celebrating small wins. 

Here are just some of the features in this wonderful book that get’s all the little details on point:

  • Each page of Juz Amma works with Kiitab, our speaking pen so that your child can listen to, repeat, and master each verse.

  • One of the best features of this book is the Hifdh (memorization) games that this book plays with Kitab. The ‘Find Me’ games are not only super fun to play, but they also strengthen your child’s hifz.

  • The Kitab functions include English translations of each verse so your child can understand what they are reciting.
Number of Pages: 60
Binding: Hardback Spiral Bound

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