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My Cherished Quran Translation Line by Line NEW PRINT

My Cherished Quran Translation Line by Line NEW PRINT

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The world’s first-ever subject-wise colour-coded Holy Quran, This Qur'an comes with translation line by line.

Language: Arabic & English 

“My Cherished Quran Majeed” is the world’s first-ever subject-wise colour-coded edition of the Holy Quran. It is a truly unique edition of the Quran, designed to make understanding the Quran easier during the recital. This Quran has an English translation by Saheeh International along with Arabic text. 

The verses are colour coded accordingly:

Verses coloured in Red denote actions which are Haraam (unlawful)/ prohibited/ discouraged
Verses coloured in Green denote actions which are Halaal (lawful)/ instructed/ encouraged
Verses coloured in Blue denote ayahs which are commonly used as duas/ supplications
The word ‘Allah’ is coloured in a beautiful Pink

This edition also includes a number of informative articles and features such as:
Mysteries in the words and verses of the Quran
History and development of the Quran
List of English translations of the Quran

Order this unique subject-wise colour-coded edition of the Holy Quran today as the perfect complement to your Islamic book collection or as the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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