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Quran Made Easy Arabic & English Translation by Afzal Hoosen (New Revised Edition)

Quran Made Easy Arabic & English Translation by Afzal Hoosen (New Revised Edition)

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This is an English translation of the Complete Quran in Contemporary English to make reading much easier and more understandable.- The Arabic verse is followed by the English translation underneath and includes explanatory notes within the translation rather than separately in the footnotes.- Each Surah begins with the summary of the Surah, including topics contained within it and link with previous Surah.- Also contains an Introduction to the Quran, revelation, authority of the Quran, compilation of the Quran, etiquettes of reading and reciting the Quran, a glossary of terms and names and the science of Tafsir.- Moulana Ismail Ebrahim did the Major Translating, Mufti Elias added further explanatory notes within brackets from well known Classical as well as later Tafsir. Ismail Kathrada edited the language without changing the meaning.- Commonly known Arabic words such as Rabb, Kuffar and names are not translated as these are second nature to most Muslims, however there is a glossary at the end for those new to Islam.- A very informative read and makes understanding the Quran much easier.

Author: Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

Binding : Hard Cover

Pages :1278

Ours is a simple to read, follow and understand shadow interpretation.Firstly, we have written 'An introduction to the Quraan' explaining how the Quraan has reached us in the present form. From the first Divine protected revelation until now. The various stages have been elucidated.

Than a "Glossary of Terms and Names" Followed by:-

(a) Why the Surah has that specific name;

(b) Then the academic link between the current and previous Surah;

(c) Then a summary of the Surah;

(d) Closing the introduction to the Surah by expressing the Surah in a nutshell.

(a), (b), (c), (d) appears before the Surahs.

We close the book with a 'Index'.

The translation is in one colour followed by a easy explanation in another colour.

Basically it is in 'Jalalain' of the 2 Sayutis paraphrased into simple English minus all fabrications.

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