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The Dajjal And Return Of Jesus

The Dajjal And Return Of Jesus

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The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “There has been no affliction, nor will there be until the hour establishes, greater than that of the Dajjal.”

The emergence of the Dajjal will be the greatest affliction ever faced by mankind, from the creation of Adam until the Last Hour without exception. Allah will give him the ability to wreak discord, evil and disbelief on an unprecedented scale. His tenure on Earth will be characterised by terror, havoc and despair. He will make the truth appear as falsehood and vice-versa. He is able to delude mankind with his false promises and miracles. The vast majority of people on Earth will be convinced that he is their Lord, and follow him to Hell. Jesus will return to Earth to destroy Dajjal and lead mankind safely out of the dark stormy night. He will usher in a period of peace, justice and happiness. This book is essential reading for every seeker of Truth. It equips the reader with the tools to save himself and his loved ones from this terrible trial.

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