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Dearest Act to Allah

Dearest Act to Allah

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Dearest Act to Allah – Paperback by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam

Today our Masājid have lofty structures, engraved brickworks, exquisite chandeliers and laid rugs, but they are spiritually deprived due to the reason that the Masājid are used for social purposes including backbiting and futile talk rather than the performance of Salāh, Qur’ān recitation and the spreading of true authentic Islamic knowledge. One should not forget the purpose of going to the Masjid and always remember the countless bounties and mercy that is being descended upon him.

This book elaborates on the etiquettes of the Masjid and the importance of Salāh with Quranic and prophetic proofs along with some useful anecdotes to emphasize their importance.

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