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Ideal Student

Ideal Student

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Ideal Student – Paperback

Islām attaches great value to students of Ilm (knowledge). Students are therefore required to adhere to certain etiquette when seeking Ilm. We learn the importance of this aspect through the example of our pious predecessors and scholars who illustrated excellency in Ādāb and Akhlāq of seeking knowledge.

As students of knowledge, we should learn from the advices given by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islām Sāhib (may Allāh I preserve him and prolong his life) and follow his approach who is truly an inspiring teacher and a role model for all of us. Apart from him, there are many inspiring teachers whom we can learn from to rejuvenate Islamic etiquette in us. This book will guide the student of knowledge in achieving the excellent qualities of becoming an ideal student.

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