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Marriage- A Complete Solution

Marriage- A Complete Solution

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Marriage – A Complete Solution- Paperback by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam

Islām regards marriage as a great act of worship because it is a responsible affair and a means of preventing a person from many forms of sins i.e. fornication, casting of the gaze upon unlawful things etc. Islām has explained in great detail the concept of marriage and all that is affiliated to it.

Inspite of the fact that marriage is supposed to be a peaceful and a tranquil affair, today it has become a very questionable matter irrespective of one’s religion, ethnicity, gender and prosperity. It has now become a disturbing and worrying occasion. Marriage breakdown, domestic violence etc have unfortunately become endemic amongst the Muslim community. These are all occurring due to ignorance and negligence towards the Deen.

This book has been designed to provide the fundamental teachings and guidelines of all what relates to the marital life in a simplified English language. It encapsulates, in a nutshell, all the marriage laws mentioned in many of the main reference books in order to facilitate their understanding and implementation.

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