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Return To Your Lord

Return To Your Lord

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Return to your Lord – Paperback by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam

Sūrah Ghāshiyah speaks about the punishment of the Hereafter that will be meted out on those who disbelieved in Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala whilst Sūrah Fajr in extension, mentions not only the punishment of the Hereafter but also the chastisement which was meted out in this life to those who disobeyed Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala and belied the prophets.

In Sūrah Ghāshiyah, Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala mentioned some of His wondrous signs whilst Sūrah Fajr is contrasted by the consequences of ignoring these signs which the nations mentioned in the surah were guilty of, and as a result, were punished in this world.

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